Hi Andi,

first off, I'm very sorry these things seem to have taken a turn for
the worse.

I'm trying to move this part of the discussion now off the design
list, and onto board-discuss, as it seems to primarily deal with
interaction style, within & from the board. So Fup2 board-discuss

Beyond some details below, where I'd love to get to is getting over
personal gripes eventually (on all sides - happy to call you any time,
to hear what you'd expect here!); perhaps with a way to keep you
engaged with the community you've helped building, but at least with a
way for the project to keep the Plone sites running properly for the

Andreas Mantke wrote:
> There were no real internal discussions with the board about issues.
Not to put too fine a point on it - but we discussed the issues around
the queue of pending submissions e.g. in January & February this year,
on the infra/hostmaster list.

Also in 2016, a discussion not too different from the one here took
place inside the board, when looking for options to go beyond the
first version of the template & extension site.

> But afterwards I was kicked out by this thread. I'm not used to be
> pilloried for my work during my spare time. And maybe others too.
Please don't take this as pillorying you. If it came across like that
- apologies. In fact, without the original Plone sites, LibreOffice
wouldn't have had a templates & extension repo for a long time, and no
one disputes the relevance of that.

What we're trying to do here, is to move beyond the sole-developer /
sole-admin situation that is manifest since quite a few years (and I
can well believe how much of a personal burden that must have been).

I therefore hope we can all agree that the current setup is not
very sustainable, and work constructively from there.

All the very best,

-- Thorsten

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