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> We, the undersigned, would like to express our great concern regarding the
> definitive closure of the repository of what was LibreOffice Online.
> Considering the mission of facilitating access to information and
> communication technologies as a fundamental and strategic achievement of
> inclusion and exercise of digital sovereignty.
> As a foundation committed to eliminating the digital divide in society by
> giving everyone free access to office productivity tools, the most
> important thing is to demonstrate that we are committed to offering
> alternatives to all those individuals and organizations that lack the
> resources to hire corporate services.
> We intend with this message, an absolute rethinking of the vote that
> established the current condition of the repository, which belongs to the
> community and should welcome improvements from all over the community, as
> we consider it goes against the objectives outlined by The Document
> Foundation.
> To avoid the process of atticization, as the clock is already ticking,
> and, at the same time, emphasize the global nature of the foundation we
> urge full consideration of the two proposals that have been made so far.
> Support Andreas Mantke's effort to revive the LOOL project. Who has
> already succeeded in upgrading the pre-fork code base to current libraries
> and dependencies versions. (
> https://listarchives.documentfoundation.org/www/board-discuss/2022/msg00684.html
> )
> Implement the OxOffice On Line Community Version fork that already has
> several improvements before the LOOL version has been frozen, including
> those implemented in the commercial versions, and bugs fixed by them as
> they see fit. (
> https://listarchives.documentfoundation.org/www/board-discuss/2022/msg00694.html
> )
> In any case, since this is a community version TDF must show its
> commitment to its core values and do everything in their power to grow LOOL
> community in order to continue development.
> Sincerely yours, LibreOffice Community Members and Activists around the
> world.
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