Hi Kev,

Kev M wrote:
> Casual observer here. Lot's of thoughts about the discussion over
> the last few months.
Thx for sharing your thoughts - it's quite valuable to get the somehow
outside view reflected back at us. ;)

> 1) Just pass the resolution and get donor funds working towards
>  development. It isn't and will never be a competitive threat to
>  Collabora/Altropia.
We're actually on a good way, that this vote may pass now.

> 2) Please find a board governance arbitrator ASAP.
That's also in-progress (we started looking for consultants,
independently of this a few weeks ago)

> And strongly recommend you stop using back channels in a FOSS
> project.
That might actually be a misunderstanding. The list people were
referring to, is the one open to all TDF members. So it's more a
strive to having project-internal arguments (like how to read the
statutes) in a venue where people can speak more freely.

Cheers, Thorsten

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