Hi all,

I await answers to the questions below. And it looks like if I was not
the only one.

The action about the moderation of this list was in July this year extra
risky because it happened during the elections of the Membership
Committee and this list was the main communication medium for the

Thus the action to moderate this list could also be seen as an intrusion
into the election process. Because the election of the TDF bodies is an
important and sensitive an intrusion into it by the election board is a
substantial mistake.


Am 01.12.22 um 06:50 schrieb Andreas Mantke:
Hi Thorsten, Daniel, hi all,

Thorsten could you please explain in detail the invitation to the
meeting on July, 8th? Who has been in the meeting, and by which medium
and during which time frame? Did you document the meeting? Who signed
that document? Was the document sent to All members of the board and
to the MC? Was the document published? Has the document been archived
at TDF archive?

The above is the minimum according to par. 9 of the statutes. If this
rules were not followed there is definitively no decision taken before
the moderation took place.


Am 1. Dezember 2022 00:52:34 MEZ schrieb Thorsten Behrens

    Hi Daniel,

    Daniel A. Rodriguez wrote:

        And that does not look like a board decision to me.

    The vote was to document an earlier decision on Friday, July 8th, that
    happened via phone, messenger and chat. Mind that it was vacation time,
    and several directors had no immediate access to their email.

    Cheers, Thorsten

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