Hi Andreas,

I'll ask the board to share the decision, on which the hiring of the external expert is based, public.
And for the rest you're asking too much details on board work IMO.


Andreas Mantke wrote on 20/01/2023 21:56:
Hi Cor,

if there is a clear description of the task it shouldn't be an issue to
make that public at least to the TDF members.

And it would also be of interest which consultancy firms you have contacted.

Why have you only contacted those firms, although there are a lot of
providers of such offerings on the market?

What were the detailed criteria to choose only those firms?


Am 20.01.23 um 21:47 schrieb Cor Nouws:
Hi Andreas,

Good questions.
Yes, we had a clear description of the ask. We had contacted 4
consultancy firms with a summary, of which two seemed best matching.
We got offerings from them based on the precise description. Finally
we've chosen the one which we expect to be most helpful with checking
the process as described and taking (a first) look at the wider
communication. The price of the offerings did not differ much.


PS. For me it is not needed to use 'I think the TDF members want to
know'. It is OK if you are interested.

Andreas Mantke wrote on 20/01/2023 20:23:
Hi all,

if I look at the price tag of this decision, I' curious if there had
been a complete task description done in writing before the decision.
And I also think the community and especially the TDF members want to
know if there had been a tender with the task description in front of
the decision.

Had there been done a market analysis / a comparison of cost before the
decision? I'd like to note that TDF is a tax-exempt charity, running on
donation money.


Am 20.01.23 um 19:00 schrieb Florian Effenberger:

the following decision, which was taken in private on 2022-12-22, is
now made public in accordance with our statutes.

Cor Nouws wrote on 17/12/2022 11:59:

Hello all,

Another topic on which we need to make progress urgently IMO. Not
only to check the handling, impartiality and objectivity of the CoC
case against Paolo, but also get (a first?) external advise on our
communication etc.

 From the comments on the topic - thanks! - there is a clear
preference to go with the offering from Central Consultancy &

And since we're voting anyway, please cast your vote (+1/-1/0) for
this one too by **Monday, 17:00 UTC / 18:00 Berlin time**.


The board resolves:

* Accept the offering from Central Consultancy & Training to execute
'Review handling CoC complaint against board member' as decided on
October 17 2022

* As can be found here [redacted, internal link]

* The cost for TDF are approx. 14.000 €

 The vote runs 54h from now.

The Board of Directors at the time of voting consists of 7 seat
holders (not including deputies). In order to be quorate, the vote
needs to have 1/2 or more of the Board of Directors members, which
gives 4.

A total of 7 Board of Directors members have participated in the vote.
The vote is quorate.
A quorum could be reached with a simple majority of 4 votes.
Result of vote: 5 approvals, 0 abstains, 2 disapprovals.
Also one deputy supports the motion.

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## Free Software Advocate
## Plone add-on developer
## My blog: http://www.amantke.de/blog

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