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Am 24.03.23 um 09:55 schrieb Florian Effenberger:
The Document Foundation
Board of Directors Meeting 2023-03-20
Meeting Minutes

Date: 2023-03-20
Location: Jitsi

Session chair: Thorsten Behrens
Keeper of the minutes: Stephan Ficht

In the meeting:
   Board Members - Thorsten, Cor, Paolo, Gabor, Emiliano, Laszlo
   Board Deputy Members - Gabriel
   Membership Committee Members - Gustavo, Marina
   Membership Committee Substitute Members -
   Community - Andreas
   Team - Florian, Stephan, Sophie, Guilhem, Stéphane

Representation: Gabriel for Ayhan


Any updates regarding director affiliations and substantial interests:
* no changes, current affiliations see election page:
* Gabor and Thorsten notify the board of trustees of allotropia's
  partnership with Collabora, through which they now fund part of
  our development work

Would any of the directors present need to declare an interest, for
any of the listed agenda items?
* 1.
* 2.
* 3.
* 4.
* 5. Thorsten, Gabor
* 6. Thorsten, Gabor
* 7. Thorsten, Gabor
* 8.
* 9.

### Private Part

5. Status Report, Discuss: Improve tendering process (tdf-board, 5 mins)

6. Status Report, Discuss: Next steps legal ToDo items (Paolo Vecchi,
20 mins)

7. Status Report, Discuss: TDF 2023 Budget Planning (tdf-board, 5 mins)

Thorsten and Gabor declared a personal interest on the above topics (see
above). I ask if they both attended the call and the discussion during
this three topics of the private part of the meeting. Who lead the
meeting as chair during this three topics?

Further question: why didn't declare Cor also a personal interest about
this three topics?


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