Hi Thorsten, all,

Am 01.04.23 um 01:19 schrieb Thorsten Behrens:
Hi Andreas, Cor & Paolo,

please take any conversations about specific interpretations of
statutes and other legal foundation frameworks to the internal list

This is a matter for our members to discuss, not the general public.

it doesn't need further discussions. There is no doubt, that TDF and its
board has to follow Common sense and applicable law in many countries,
also in Germany. And this common sense law includes e.g. the rule that
nobody could be a judge in own cases, which covers the whole process
including the discussion of the case inside the decision-making body.

This rule is not on the disposal of the BoD (and of TDF) to change this
rule. It is higher-ranking law.

The whole topic has been explained more than once e.g. on this list. But
you and your companion deny to follow this mandatory rules again and
again. You try to create your own world at TDF where this rules would
not be valid. But I appeal to you get back into the real world and
accept that that you and also Cor and Gabor are not allowed to take part
in the whole decision making process about the three topics you declared
an personal interest, which is also a CoI.

It's time for you to not endless discuss and disclaim that you and TDF
have to follow the explained rules, but to take action and abstain from
any discussion and decision of topics where you have a personal interest
/ Conflict of Interest.

And it is also your pattern to ask for discussions in private or on
private lists, once you realize that your arguments are not sustainable.
Then you find a reason to banish it from the public behind the wall.
This is a behavior not appropriate to a free and open society and a
corresponding organization.


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