FS J. W. Miller AUTO-TRACK Model AT-2500 Automatic Antenna Tuner in
excellent cosmetic condition. This Classic tuner works but the Tune Cap
Motor is not engaging. The Motor works and The Tune light goes on, but the
Tune Cap does not move. Check e-ham product reviews. There is a fellow there
who had the same problem. He found a loose linkage in the enclosed coupling
from the motor to the cap. The Load Cap Motor works as it should and the
tuner will tune automatically by presetting the Tune Capacitor. The tuner
looks new and works perfectly in Manual position. All switches work freely.
All meter lights and LEDs work. This tuner has very low time on it. I am the
second owner. Never in smoking environment. SPECS: Frequency Range: 3.0 TO
30 MHz. Power Capability: 2.5KW PEP Impedance Matching: 10 TO 300 ohms
Outputs: 3 Coaxl Antennas, 1 Wire Antenna, 1 Coax Bypass, handy linear
amplifier protection feature . Cabinet size: 17" W x 5 1/4" H x
14" D. Tuner comes with OR  IGINAL J.W. Miller Bridge Coupler, Manual
and AC cord included. Price is $475 + shipping. Photos on request. Thanks,
Charlie Hugg, K5MBX


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