29/01/2007 8.31
Moggi's Confession: I Wanted To Kill Myself Luciano Moggi has shocked the
Italian football yet again, by declaring that he wanted to commit suicide
following the Calciopoli scandal.

The former Juventus director has left the football world, but he still is
very present in the daily sports news with his comments, opinions and
declarations. His latest shocking revelation arrived on Sunday during the
registration of an Italian TV program 'Il Bivio' (The Crossroad), where
Luciano Moggi declared that he was on the verge of committing suicide
following the Calciopoli scandal, but only his faith in religion stopped him
from doing so.

"I also thought about killing myself, but only the faith made me stop from
doing it," an emotional Moggi told the presenter.

This was later confirmed by the same Moggi when a journalist asked him if
what he said was true.

"Yes, it's true. As soon as it happened I thought of doing it, but not

Moggi's involvement in the Calciopoli scandal cost Juventus two league
titles and the demotion to Serie B football, but is still regarded by many
Bianconeri fans as a hero.

AC Milan atau tidak sama sekal!

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