Hi All!

I know everyone is eager to get their hands on BoltWire 6.0, and as a
special Valentine's Day gift to our community, I've put it up, just for

Yes, I like to use special occasions to do special things. :)

This release is a big one, as it rewrites the markup table to work on the
latest versions of PHP, reworks how forms are processed to allow multiple
tabs and variable form expirations, and there's lot's of other nifty new
features, tweaks, and fixes.

For a full list of changes, or to download, click here:

*BOLTWIRE 6.00* <http://www.boltwire.com/downloads/history>

There's a bit of an upgrade process from 5.xx but it's not too difficult,
and it is well documented. I've actually been running this code on my
production site for a some time--so it should be reliable.

You will also notice the BoltWire site has been streamlined just a bit too.


PS.  As usual, if you spot any problems with this release, be sure to let
me know! I'll be monitoring the list and be happy to do any quick patches
or explanations as needed.

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