On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 9:31:14 AM UTC+1, Niall Douglas wrote:
> Any idea when these payments might be processed?
> On Monday, October 3, 2016 at 10:11:32 AM UTC+1, Niall Douglas wrote:
>> Apologies for the delay on sending this until after CppCon. The cause is 
>> that one of the students did not perform much work during the second half, 
>> and neither myself nor his mentor nor Bryce had the spare time to properly 
>> deal with that situation until after CppCon, so I kicked the can down the 
>> road by giving him an extension. Now we have some free time back we'll get 
>> on with doing something, specifically that I have asked Bryce to 
>> impartially review the student's work and compare that to the work plan 
>> outlined at the beginning.
>> That leaves the reports for the other two students who have been kept 
>> waiting for their final payment for a month longer than they should.
>> *Boost.Compute, Jakub Szuppe*
>> Detailed report: 
>> Mentor is very pleased with the work done this summer.
>> Boost.Http, Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira
>> >    - Mini parser were introduced. They're stateless and simplify the 
>> code.
>> >    They can also be used independently in case you don't need a full 
>> parser.
>> >    - Real time was spent testing the abstractions to prevent errors. 
>> Good
>> >    test cases, bad test cases, lots of them, new tests that would 
>> simulate
>> >    network fragmented bytes (one of the test binaries was starting to 
>> get more
>> >    than 30 minutes to compile under GCC Debug and I had to split it into
>> >    smaller tests), enabling the sanitizer tests. Still need to add fuzz
>> >    testing, but this will be to the future.
>> >    - I've integrated the parser into Boost.Http message framework (which
>> >    immediately benefited the parser with already existing tests) and 
>> Tufão
>> >    project (an active and not new project which already has some users 
>> and
>> >    became beta testers for us in the wild).
>> >    - Client parser was finished.
>> >    - Commits to make the parser more liberal in respect with what it
>> >    accepts (the robustness principle).
>> >    - Some refactors.
>> Mentor reports that student initially went down route which was unwise 
>> and disregarded mentor's advice. This caused some frustration for the 
>> mentor. However, a while in student realised why mentor's advice was 
>> correct and he replaced earlier route with correct route. This introduced a 
>> fair bit of delay and caused original work plan to be missed by a fair 
>> chunk, however when evaluating the whole summer's improvement mentor is 
>> pleased with the overall outcome and recommends a pass.
>> I personally would like to add that I've been watching this project for 
>> some years and the student consistently works hard over the past three 
>> years I've been watching. I have generally been impressed. Ignoring advice 
>> from one's elders and realising the consequences is an important part of 
>> the development of any engineer, especially as occasionally the student is 
>> right and the elders are wrong. Most of the time, of course, it's the other 
>> way round, but that's one of the most valuable parts of a mentor-mentee 
>> relationship, and the best lessons you learn are generally from your 
>> mistakes.
>> I would ask the steering committee to release the final payment for the 
>> above students and mentor Kyle (Bjorn isn't accepting his payment). They've 
>> waited long enough.
>> Niall

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