Here are the notes from yesterday’s meeting. Props to Daniel Thompson for 
taking notes!

Note: I didn’t capture the full list of attendees. If you were there, but 
aren’t in the list then let me know so I can add you to the official list. 
Eventually I’ll post these notes on a wiki for the project.

12 April 2018
- Grant Likely (Arm)
- Ryan Harken (Linaro)
- Ruchika Gupta (NXP)
- Tom Rini (Konsulko)
- Peter Robinson (Red Hat)
- Alex Graf (SUSE)
- Daniel Thompson (Linaro)
- Ben Eckermann
(Incomplete list; Did not get full list of dial ins)

- Status and action item updates
- Other business

- No progress on legal issues to get things shared for outside contributions
- No progress on converting EBBR to sphinx document

- Committee meeting will shrink scope to cover governanceissues (process, 
release process, etc).
- Will be starting a regular technical sync up call soon

- EBBR and different architectures
  - Alexander Graf has started talking among u-boot team about extending 
linuxefi support more widely
  - Udit K: What to do about architectures that are not yet in UEFI?
    # Grant: Not really in scope for EBBR, they should work with UEFI forum
    - Grant: EBBR should be opt in (i.e. architecture representatives join us) 
rather then encompassing “everything”
  - Udit K: What about big endian?
    - Grant: Not UEFI… it merely looks like it.
    - Tom: EBBR references other specifications, needs other specifications to 
take big endian before we move on it
  - Udit K: How to handle devicetree updates?
    - Grant: DT owned by platform is important, not discussed how to update it
  - Grant: Should we create a DT specific section in EBBR?
    - Udit K: Ideally, yes. We understand devicetree is owned by the platform 
but we have had better results using the devicetree in the kernel
    - Peter: UEFI capsules?
  - Alexander: Could use overlays to cope with difference between kernels
    - Alexander: We cannot assume DTs will always be backwards compatible
    - Grant: Historically have worked to ensure new kernels work with old 
devicetrees but not old kernels with new DTs
  - Need to make sure firmware can always be recovered to a ‘safe’ state, and 
that DT updates don’t require reflashing the entire firmware.

Action: form sub team to draft DT update requirements.

When can others contribute?
- Expect to get things tidied up this week but the mailing list is open please 
discuss things here!

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