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On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 10:16 AM, Dong Wei <> wrote:
> There may be a need for making EBBR more aware to the community.
> I ran into a case at Computex last week. Ambedded makes storage servers using 
> Marvell SoCs. Even though Marvell provides UEFI code for the SoC, Ambedded 
> chose to do the uboot anyways.

I think a relevant distinction here is that if someone wants to still do 
u-boot, they should strongly consider using a version new enough to implement 
EBBR interfaces such as UEFI services. On price-sensitive devices where you 
want to optimize flash BOM cost, skipping Tianocore
*can* have cost impact, but if the interfaces are kept compatible that should 
be just fine.

As always, if the SoC vendor provides a reference implementation for their 
platforms such that doing the right thing is also doing the easiest thing when 
making a derivative product design, everybody wins.

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