Michael Small wrote:
> Martin Cracauer <craca...@cons.org> writes:
> > Also, lack of exception handling was a more annoying thing that drove
> > away people from Perl, from my observation.
> You (they?) don't count eval { die } as exception handling?  Or was
> this an earlier version they left?

Not really, no.  The key problem with Perl's "exceptions" is that a thrown
exception value can be almost anything.  This is cool enough when all of the
code is "your" code -- controlled by one set of people at least -- and you
throw whatever makes sense to you.  But consider what happens when you try
to integrate a variety of modules and codebases, each of which throws
something different -- you wind up with a muck of code that examines the
value to determine whose exception it is, so you can determine if you want
to handle it or re-throw it.

Perl's exception handling is far closer to that of C -- setjmp/longjmp --
than that of Java et al.

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