On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 11:07 AM, Adam Russell <ac.russ...@live.com> wrote:
> Some months ago we discussed experimenting with a different day to gauge the 
> effects of the present schedule on attendance.
> How about we use November as an experiment to this end?

Could ...

> How about the second Thursday instead of Tuesday?(selfishly suggested since 
> Thursdays are good for me)

That particular 2nd Thursday is the night before a 3-day weekend for
some/most so almost a "Friday" night.
(since 11/11 doesn't move to Monday unless it hits a Sunday).
Still good for you?

Q. Does that inconvenience others more than it conveniences? Vice versa?
Q. Anyone care to second Thusday ?
Q. Anyone have something to present next month ?

While we can do more "(not quite) instant replay" presies with our
trademark DIY Q&A,
real people live on something new is more fun.
 (and i expect folks will get tired of me being the live person)

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