Picked up a new Brewtus IV-R in Feb of 2016, has been working wonderfully 
to date.  Over the last week however I have noticed a marked change in the 
way water flows from the group head and the sound that it makes.  
Previously it would wet the entire screen before moving towards the centre 
in a nice consistent stream, with minimal sound aside from the rotary pump.

Now it bubbles audibly and as you can see from the video below has very 
inconsistent flow.  

I've noticed a change in the consistency of shots now as well, as water 
distribution does not seem even across the puck.

Any ideas the cause?


I have done regular cleaning every 2-3 weeks with cafiza.  I use filtered 
water only through the machine.  I've cleaned since this began with cafiza 
in the portafilter and backwashed it through the head but that hasn't 
changed the results.



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