So....I asked if it was cool for me to post this question on the COOL list
version of Brin-l, and I got the ok so......


In previous discussions you have had some gripes about Americans. I know we
(Americans) like to make fun of the Frech, but hay, the rest of Europe was
doing that for centuries, and we just now got over the whole
Statue-of-Liberty-gift thing and feel that we can join in. ;)

No, seriously though, as an American I am concerned that in some parts of the
world, I am treated with reservation, fear, over done respect, or even
detested. So what is it? Why is it that the country which came to the rest of
the worlds rescue thrice in the last century is so feared and hated this
century? Is it becouse we are the big dog and others are jelous or is their
someting to this ant-Americanism? Wait, is it pride? Is it that we are so
smug and "we saved the world, we saved the world" or is it that we are all
such maveric John Wane types?


               Jan William Coffey

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