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> China raises the red tag
> RFID tags aren't just for tracking consumer goods any more. 
> The Chinese Communist Party is experimenting with tagging and tracking
> people. Delegates to the recent Communist Party Congress were required to
> wear an RFID badge equipped with the tiny tag, which permitted their
> movements around the conference to be constantly tracked and recorded. 
> RFID stands for radio frequency identification, and each tag has a unique
> number associated with it. Some large retailers are experimenting with
> the system to track inventory and cut down on shoplifting. 
> In a new application of the technology, Texas Instruments provided its
> client with about 20,000 of the tags. "As attendees moved throughout the
> various areas of the conference, their badges were electronically read by
> one of 20 TI S6550 Long Range Readers with customized gate antennas,
> strategically placed throughout the conference area," a company
> newsletter says. 
> In addition to real-time monitoring of the delegates, the setup let
> security guards perform identity checks by comparing a database photo
> with the badge holder's face. "We expect our access-control business to
> accelerate over the next couple of years as corporations and governmental
> agencies raise the level of security for their people and their assets,"
> said TI spokesman Bill Allen. 
> For some reason, China's leaders seem to be shying away from additional
> publicity. "We'd love to do a full-blown press release, case study, etc.,
> but the (Chinese) Communist Party will not allow it at this time," Allen
> said. 
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