The second season of Jeremiah on Showtime (which wrapped a couple of months ago) starts airing this September. Unless something major changes, JMS won't be involved in any further seasons.


JMS To Quit Jeremiah?

J. Michael Straczynski, executive producer of Showtime's SF series Jeremiah, told
fans on a message board that he won't return to the series if it's picked up for a
third season. "I have zero desire to return to a third season of Jeremiah," Straczynski
posted on the newsgroup on July 24. "Showtime
was great, no mistake, but MGM [which produces the show] has overall been the
most heinous, difficult and intrusive studio I've ever worked for. I've worked for,
and had great relations with, Viacom, Universal, Warner Brothers and a bunch more.
But I will never, ever, work for the present administration at MGM."

Asked in a subsequent post whether the show could continue without him, Straczynski
replied, "Sure, they could definitely do so. At the end of the day, it's their show, and if
there should be a season three, they would have no choice but to bring someone else
in. As an aside ... none of this should be taken as a diss of the coming season. I honestly
think that the second season is miles better than our first season. It's more consistent,
takes more chances, it's really a very strong season. Thing of it is, you look at the quality
of the work, and the amount of blood on the floor in getting to that point, and have
to decide if the one is worth the other. The process is hard enough without others
making it even harder than it has to be. And there we are." The second season of
Jeremiah commences on Sept. 19.

Reggie Bautista

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