> and yes more T&A in Stargate would be nice, perhaps good old
> RDA hooking up with some sweet alien loving like kirk... I 
> mean was their a alien Kirk didnt do?
> -Nick Lidster

If memory serves, the producers DID throw some T&A into SG-1 a few years
ago when the introduced Vanessa Angel as the busty cleavage popping
scantily clad Goa'uld. According to interviews, this was one of the main
reasons that Michael Shanks left for one season.

They do occasionally throw in more T&A, on one episode where O'Neil was
trapped on another world for 3 months he lived with a woman and got her
pregnant. In several other episodes, they dressed up Amanda Tapping in
skirts and heels, but I must admit that she has that "combat boot, gun
carrying" image that makes it difficult to picture her in high heels and
silky dresses. Don't get me wrong, I think that Amanda Tapping's
character is awesome.. I mean, she has that sexy blonde, brainy, big gun
user thing going on :-)  

Personally, I think that the mix they currently have of the implied
sexual tension between O'Neil and Carter and the occasional thrown in
busty Goa'uld works well. Kind of like the Mulder-Scully sexual tension.
In some shows, the romantic angst thing works well and adds to the story
line, but I think that would only distract from Stargate.

By the way, I just ran across a FAQ on the Stargate website covering one
of my few gripes about the show:

6. Why does every culture SG-1 encounters speak English? 
Practical reasons that come with television production. The time
constraints of an hour-long episode mean that it would become a major
hindrance to the story each week if SG-1 had to spend the first 10
minutes of each episode learning to communicate with a new species.

One other minor nit I have with the show is the iris. Inbound teams
certainly have a great deal of faith that someone at the base didn't
fall asleep at the switch. I mean, if I were going through that gate and
knew that there was a barrier that could make me into jelly, I would be
asking for confirmation that the thing was open instead of just assuming
and stepping through. But that's just me.



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