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> http://www.flatlandthemovie.com/
> This flew right under my radar. Anyone seen it?
> I really loved the book, it is a treasure.

Bought it and enjoyed it with Peggy and Ryan. It had Ryan wondering  
about higher dimensions for days afterwards.

The movie is nicely animated and well-voiced; cute but not too cute,  
smart but not too smart. A diverting half-hour or so.

Two of our favorite parts were slacker-voiced one-dimensional "king of  
line-land" and the frankly insane, entirely self-absorbed zero- 
dimensional "point". The god-like character of the 3-dimensional  
sphere is spot on, as is his flat-out rejection of the "preposterous"  
notion of a 4th dimension.

I am not sure whether the fact that the hypercube as shown at the end  
of the video (which I've seen elsewhere) makes no sense to me as a  
model of a 4-dimensional object intersecting with our 3-dimensional  
space is because I can't conceive of what that would be like on my  
own, or if the model (as also animated here 
  is somehow deficient.

I'm guessing it's the former.

Dave, stuck in 3D


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