On Feb 8, 2009, at 11:35 AM, Nick Arnett wrote:

>> Repeating the call-out on the Culture list.
>> Are our Aussie friends doing OK?
>> We worry for you.
> Yeah... 96 dead.  Sounding too much like the Oakland Hills firestorm  
> times
> 10.  Already four times as many killed.
> Very scary.
> Nick

When the words "fire", "summer", and "eucalypts" come together in my  
mind, they produce the result "very glad I'm not in Australia right  
now".  Not quite as dangerous as trying to live among open 55 gallon  
drums of gasoline and trying not to ignite any of them .. but not by  
much.  Somewhat closer than with southern California chaparral during  
the Santa Anas.  Definitely hope everyone's OK, and as little as  
possible of what's not supposed to burn actually burned.  :S


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