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> > Euan Ritchie wrote:
> > >> It was almost a "perfect storm" for fire conditions.
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> I'm 1,500 miles downwind and was reminded of the end to "The Sheep Look
> > > Up" last night when I thought I could smell faint burning on the air.
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> > I felt the same... I woke at ~2am, and I smelt burning outside. I looked
> > up the local file listings and saw that they hadn't
> been updated since
> > Friday. I then checked the wind and synoptic-charts from the past few
> > days and saw that it was feasible that the winds from down there had
> > brought with it dust and smoke... I still don't see any bush-fires or
> > large-fires listed here, so it was either a bonfire or psychosomatic.
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> New York Times reports 173 dead, hundreds homeless, and that the fire may
> have been set.
> http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/10/world/asia/10australia.html
> good luck to all down under
> john

There are towns in southern Australia where they won't let people back in, 
due to the numbers of bodies still lying in the streets. These towns are all 
quite rural, and there is just no way any governmental entities could be 
prepared for such a death toll over a broad area.
I really feel for their Prime Minister. Regardless of his politics, his 
humanity shows as he is completely lost for words and trying to hold back 
tears. (Watching news from there is hard, they have so much pain to deal 
Australia always stands with and by us though all sorts of ordeals. Anyone 
know of a good way an American can be helpful?

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