After four years trying to fix USA's economy, Obama dies.

But he does not die alone: as an asteroid smashes against Earth,
everybody dies. However, in the confusion of dealing with
7 billion incoming souls, the afterlife bureaucracy sends Obama to Hell.

There, he complains, but only after a long time he is heard.

- 'I think I don't have to be here' he says 'I am aware that
I couldn't do much to save the economy, but I tried hard.
And, considering the utter mess that was sent to me, I
think I did a good job!'

The archangel gets his files, and says:

- 'Yes, I'm sorry. There was a terrible mistake here. You
were sent to Hell, yes, but not as a form of punishment.
You were sent to Hell to rule it and fix it. Hell after 6,000 
years of Satan administration isn't as hopeless as the USA
after 8 years of Bush administration.'

Alberto Monteiro

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