William T Goodall wrote:
> in _The New York Times_  'Darwinism Must Die So That Evolution May  
> Live' is an example.
> Scientists don't talk about "Darwinism", creationists do.

I can't think of a recent example by just about anyone of the term 
"darwinism" that was outside of the phrase "social darwinism" or in 
reference to the "darwin awards".

If there is a word that "must die" because it has too much emotional 
baggage among creationists the word is "evolution" and unfortunately we 
have no better replacement and would probably lose more in changing 
words than we would gain...

> This seems to be an attempt at 'framing' the science by altering the  
> terms of the debate. I can understand how frustrated rational people  
> get at the rhetorical antics of the superstitious religionists but  
> fighting truth-mangling with more truth-mangling seems wrong to me.

Well, 'framing' uses the connotation of a word against its denotation, 
and so those most susceptible to issues of framing are those that don't 
bother to seek the actual definitions of a word and actual contexts of 
its usage.  Science using framing is akin to fighting ignorance with a 
slightly different aerosol form of ignorance.  It won't solve any real 
issues.  But who knows how to solve the real issues here?

--Max Battcher--

We haven't evolved past the need for words Maru

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