Doug -- what a fascinating account!  I think your brother-in-law ought to
write a book.  So few of us ever experience that kind of thing.

Freight trains certainly get a bad rap in the noise department.  The
Engineer's brother and his gf were in the path of Ike.  They were in the eye
for somewhere around an hour.  They described the sound as 'like a freight
train', too =+)).

I think you have me confused with Barbara Ott - the other crone that used to
be on the list.  She lives up in the Sierra somewhere (I used to know, but I
can't remember now).  I live in Portland, OR.

Barbara's husband worked for the Forest Service and she talked about how the
crews would have to make the decision all the time about which houses to
save.  If a house had a shake roof, a big wooden deck as was in fuel, you
could pretty much write it off.  Makes me think about my own house here in
Portland.  We have a metal roof, but have big evergreens all around us and a
huge deck.  We typically don't have fires in town, though, but who knows
what can happen these days.  Hotter, dryer summers seem to be in the

BTW, Ray and Maree went back to Australia on Feb. 4.  They live S.E. Of
Melbourne.  I haven't heard from them and I hope they are OK.  Does anyone


Jo Anne


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