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> Doug -- what a fascinating account!  I think your brother-in-law ought to
> write a book.  So few of us ever experience that kind of thing.
> Freight trains certainly get a bad rap in the noise department.  The
> Engineer's brother and his gf were in the path of Ike.  They were in the
> eye
> for somewhere around an hour.  They described the sound as 'like a freight
> train', too =+)).
> I think you have me confused with Barbara Ott - the other crone that used
> to
> be on the list.  She lives up in the Sierra somewhere (I used to know, but
> I
> can't remember now).  I live in Portland, OR.
> Barbara's husband worked for the Forest Service and she talked about how
> the
> crews would have to make the decision all the time about which houses to
> save.  If a house had a shake roof, a big wooden deck as was in fuel, you
> could pretty much write it off.  Makes me think about my own house here in
> Portland.  We have a metal roof, but have big evergreens all around us and
> a
> huge deck.  We typically don't have fires in town, though, but who knows
> what can happen these days.  Hotter, dryer summers seem to be in the
> forecast.

How embarrassing, yes I was confusing you with Barbara.  I should have
remembered that you're up in the Willamette Valley (hope I got that right).
Sorry about that.


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