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On 12/02/2009, at 7:48 AM, Jo Anne wrote:
BTW, Ray and Maree went back to Australia on Feb. 4.  They live S.E.
Melbourne.  I haven't heard from them and I hope they are OK.  Does

I haven't spoken to them, but I don't think there were any fires
around them - the Gippsland fires were about 40km to their east. But
I'm sure they're a bit nervous - it's tinder dry everywhere, and
they're on a hill.

We made it back safely and without any drama (or even jet-lag!), just in time to experience the record temperature. We are (relatively) safe where we are and we are not surrounded by trees. The scale of the devastation caused by the fires is terrible.

It will be interesting to see what the Royal Commission set up to investigate the fires will say about the advice given to people as to whether to fight the fire or flee, and recommendations about fuel reduction burn-offs. I have been hearing an awful lot of "greenie" bashing around here because of their perceived opposition to burning- off and clearing trees around dwellings.


Ray Ludenia.


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