On 19/02/2009, at 5:05 AM, Nick Arnett wrote:
As you may know, I do a lot of volunteer work helping first responders cope with high-stress incidents - and this absolutely is one (or many). I'm curious what your wife's role is...

She works as a Research Officer in the Crime Department of Victoria Police - she's a non-sworn public servant (ie not a police officer). During the unfolding of the scale of the disaster, she was working the phones helping allocate resources to the cops out at the myriad crime scenes. And, of course, just being exposed to the stories going round the office now she's back in her own area.

but I mostly want to acknowledge that it is a really good idea to minimize re-exposure to the news, discussion and such. I almost never watch TV news, partly because it is too much like entertainment and partly because I end up dealing in real life with the stuff they report on.

I watch some news - the actual news channels. Not the infotainment ones. Which is, sadly, nearly all the American news these days. I do check out Rachel Maddow now and again, though - she's very smart.

I know that CISM - Critical Incident Stress Management - is practiced in Australia. I hope that your wife has ample opportunities to de-mobilize, defuse and debrief about all that has happened. Please know that our Bay Area CISM team is thinking of all the first responders in your country.

Yeah. I believe there's counselling available. She's doing really well, all things considered - we've both had "moments", but I'd be shocked if there's anyone in the state, maybe the country, that hasn't.



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