UBS is starting to look very, very bad.

I remember reading Earth and taking the Helvetian War for granted as the major 
early-21st Century Crisis without bothering to wonder what triggered the public 
mood of anger at their secrecy and covering up for dictators etc. Now, several 
months into the current recession, it becomes painfully clear - 

People will tolerate a lot of this sort of thing while they're making money or 
have hopes of making money. It's when the economy crashes and takes Main Street 
down with it that they get out the tar and feathers - and later the nukes. I've 
been watching it unfold with my own eyes.

So - back to Earth - a worldwide economic crash in which the Swiss Bankers 
appeared to be the primary culprits, and the witch hunt is on until Helvetia 
glows in the dark. Yes. This makes SUCH good sense. Different timeline, of 
course, since it's the American financiers who are now in danger of being 
tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail. But - google for UBS in 


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