> Thanks John!
> Those were pretty much the kinds of arguments I was seeing in 2006-2007
> that
> made me anticipate the bubble bursting.
> Do you see the correction lasting 12 - 18 months or perhaps longer?

I won't argue with the basic premise, because I saw it too...especially for
the coasts, NV, etc, but I have found that it is more expensive to live in a
1350 sq. foot apartment that's not as nice as my house than it would be if I
bought my old 2950 sq. foot house at the price I sold it, paid 20% down, and
lost the interest on the down payment money.  This figures in all the costs
of maintenance, the but not the 400 sq. foot of storage for furniture and
books and stuff that we are storing until we move to wherever Teri gets a

On the whole, up on the north side of Houston, it's cheaper per sq. ft. per
year to own than to rent.  I think that's very unusual for the US, so I
think Houston is just below the live because of expensive downtown
rentals....if we weren't hoping to leave soon, it wouldn't make sense to

Dan M. 


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