I have to agree with Alberto.  Some other solution is needed, since I am 
getting all subject lines, all the time...

From: Alberto Monteiro <albm...@centroin.com.br>
To: Killer Bs (David Brin et al) Discussion <brin-l@mccmedia.com>
Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2009 9:47:57 AM
Subject: Problem with (and, specially, without) Brin: [was: On the Housing 

David Brin complained:
> Alas, both versions came through.  Nick, have we run out of
> solutions here? 
May I offer a suggestion?

* Set the standard David Brin account to receive no mails

* Create (someone else could do it) a dummy account, like
  david.brin.k...@somewhere, run by a 'bot, and subscribe it
  to the list

* The 'bot has the primary purpose of forwarding to the standard David
  Brin account every message whose subject includes the string "Brin:"

* The 'bot has the secondary purpose of forwarding to the list every
  message it receives from the main David Brin account

Alberto Monteiro


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