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>> The Brin-L weekly chat has been a list tradition for over ten
>> years. (...)
> BTW, about the chat we had two weeks ago, I think I know the
> confusion about Heroes. What I was calling "Season 4" (not aired
> nowhere) was the "Book 4". "Book 3" finished a long time ago, I
> think they are showing "Book 4", but I missed all episodes, since
> I thought they were reprising.

Next weeks episode is the season finale.
And the seasons are divided by "Volumes". Next Monday is the finale for Volume 
4 *and* Season 3.

> OTOH, right now my favourite series is the Anime "Death Note" -
> I don't miss an episode.
I've seen the whole series and the movies based on the series. They are 
Opening theme for season 2 by Maximum the Hormone.
Irony: This song is the only occasion I hear the word "fucker" used on TV and 
it is on a cartoon network.

Ningen Ningen Maru


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