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William Goodall wrote:

On the first leg of our journey (to Paris) we flew on an Embraer 190
which was very comfortable and quiet. (...)

Really? But that's not its streght. Surely you have heard about the
airplane collision that happened over Brazil a few years ago?


The huge Boeing 737-8EH SFP (c. 40,000 kg) collided with
an Embraer Legacy (c. 16,000 kg). The Boeing dissolved in the air
and crashed, while the Embraer landed successfully with its seven
occupants uninjured.

These planes are reputed for their resilience.

So, spacious (2+2 seating instead of 3+3), comfortable (wider seats, more legroom), quiet and built like a brick ****house? Mrs Wife (who has travelled more than I) said the Air France flight was the best she's been on.

Last time we went to Prague it was British Airways via Gatwick on 737-400s and the stewards were comically gay. Their demonstrations of the oxygen masks and life jackets were quite hilarious.

Stereotypes Maru


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