Now that the election is past and Obama doesn't have to worry about his 
re-election, will he finally stand up to Wall Street, put the brakes on 
corrupt, corporate capitalism, and stick to his guns on taxing the rich?  

Sure Obama is much better than Romney, but he still has to cope with 
congressional stalemates and infighting, along with the financial industry 
doing everything they can to undermine a progressive agenda and filibuster a 
new Supreme Court.  I don't see any real health care reform as long as the 
insurance companies run the industry, but at least women are back on track and 
we can keep Obamacare for now.

It’s still the president who sets the tone for domestic and foreign policies.  
Obama is still favored by the international community.  He sets a precedent for 
progressive and reasoned actions, but how far will he compromise in the 
interest of consensus?  Will he finally be able to stand up to the hatemongers?

The Bush years remain behind us, but will another four years be enough to undo 
the damage?  Will Obama now have the experience he needs to carry out more of 
his original agenda?  Now, more than ever we should criticize any mistakes and 
hold his feet to the fire to be more determined and ruthless.

We'll just have to wait to see what his agenda will be.  Biden won't be a 
factor in 2016, Hillary has her options open, and other Democrats are on the 
horizon.  Hopefully the Republicans will continue to self destruct in the mid 
term elections.


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