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>Now that the election is past and Obama doesn't have to worry about his
re-election, will he finally 
>stand up to Wall Street, put the brakes on corrupt, corporate capitalism,
and stick to his guns on 
>taxing the rich?  

If that were the problem, we'd be lucky.  There is a natual self regulating
mechanism in capitalism, which Clay Christensen has found, that has not
worked in the last 20 years or so.  The problem is that we've played out the
last big innovation, and are have Apple winning market share on style
instead of companies providing innovation that turns the world upside down
(e.g. electricity, radio, automobiles and tractors, computers).

He has a nice article on this at:


I've been, responsible for a few efficiency creating innovations that saved
hundreds of millions of dollars in costs, but destroyed jobs.  Friends of
mine have been responsible for over a trillion in wealth creation, and the
destruction of thousands if not tens of thousands of jobs.  Another bad
by-product is that Wall Street and overpaid CEOs of companies that win by
playing the game better, instead of providing jobs and services win in this

We need a black swan.

Dan M. 


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