On Nov 19, 2012, at 9:56 AM, Dan Minette wrote:

> Dave wrote:
>> It's sounding more and more like I need to get a copy of Gautam's book.
> Doris Kearns Goodwin, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and presidential
> historian-
> "Indispensable provides a masterly, absorbing, and exceptionally original
> approach to the age-old study of leadership."
> is a fairly objective indication that the book is worth reading.  That's not
> a bad blurb from the author of "A Team of Rivals."

For me, that's close enough to this quote, which does not appear on the jacket:

"Dave Land, you must buy this book!" — Doris Kearns Goodwin 

Thanks for yet another vote for Gautam's scholarship. I may have had pointed
disagreements with him way back, but I look forward to reading his book.



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