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> wrote:
>> It is in my observation, as a politician, that MOST politicians are liars, 
>> and they tailor their promises
>> for a target audience who will believe their rhetoric.  I am not a liar, but 
>> that is probably why I have lost
>> the 12 times I have run for office!~)
> So you are not a lying politician, you are just a very bad one...    ;-)

It's hard to compete if one has a shred of ethics. This last US Presidential 
election astounded me as the Republican bubble was almost impenetrable, and the 
constant repeating of lies by the Romney/Ryan campaign far exceeded even my 
most cynical expectations. Fox as the results came in was just astonishing, 
they really believed the pundits that predicted a large win by Romney.
> The ones that get me are not so much the politicians but the pundits.
> Someone like Glenn Beck. I mean, look at the conspiracy theories he is
> pedaling. In my humble opinion, there are only two options: either a)
> he really does believe what he's saying, in which case, he is
> certifiably insane or b) he doesn't really believe what he's saying,
> in which case, he is evil with a capital "E".

Him and many of his ilk. When politicians lie, the media should be calling 
them. When the media is just as bad and in Fox's case is a mouthpiece for the 
political movement that promotes increasing inequality and denies basic 
science, the system is broken.


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