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How about Hayek?
Half of the article that I'm giving a link to talks about him. It is written
by another Nobel prize winner, and gives a very interesting account how his
professional and popular works differ. I like the comparison of him to Marx,
it makes a lot of sense to me...partially because Marx was both way off the
mark on predicting the future as well as someone who made major
contributions to econ and basically was the first sociologist.


Thanks for the link, Dan. A most interesting article. It reminded me of a journal article I read in graduate school wherein a distinguished professor presented his model of consumer behavior, then noted that consumers don't actually behave that way, which led to his call for measures to make consumers conform to his model. I find that a lot of neoclassical economics reads like an analysis of how people should behave if only they were as wise as economists.<g> I also note in passing that a study done a few years ago about charitable giving found that economists were the stingiest group in the study, which I found not at all surprising.


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