>> I'm getting tired of correcting all this nonsense,

> Do whatever you want with my opinion, but I, 
> >for one, will be quite grateful if you choose to 
> > present your words as though they were just your
> > thoughts and opinions and to treat others with
> > much greater respect.
> > Nick

> I just don't understand why some people are just plain
> mean.  It's not like he's some genius who doesn't
> suffer fools; that I would respect.  I know people with
> Asperger's who probably don't know they are being rude, or
> just don't care.   I suppose if trolls and
> flamers didn't hide behind their computers and were out in
> the real world, they would learn pretty fast to keep their
> trap shut...  Bottom line is people like that are alone
> and miserable, so they fling their rage through the
> electronic interface.
> Jon Mann

> From: John Williams <jwilliams4...@gmail.com>
> >  It's not like he's some genius who doesn't suffer
> fools; that I would respect.

> It is not like you are a successful politician. Why would
> anyone care about having your respect?

> I actually think this is a statement made in good
> faith.  IMHO, you would grow if you were able to 
> understand the answer to that question.  While self
> respect is critical, and one shouldn't put up a 
> false front to get respect, earning the respect of 
> those who have achieved less than you can be very
> beneficial.  The reason why will be left as an exercise
> for the student. :-) 
> Dan M. 

>>  I actually think

>I'm not so sure about that.
(John Williams)

Allow me to retort to John William's rude retorts (if that really is his name). 
He assumes that I am not a successful politician because I have not won an 
election.  In his ignorance and lack of understanding of how politics work, is 
the fact that I refuse to sell out.  It would defeat the purpose of why I run 
for office.  I don't just talk, I do the walk.   I have succeeded in setting 
the agenda for a number of issues using some of the strategies in "Earth".  In 
the last election there were 15 candidates for 4 positions on the council.  The 
incumbents and those who make promises to gain the support of special interests 
always win.  The 4 behind who also had special interests but not the local 
machine, spent at least $50,000.  I came in a few hundred votes behind them and 
ahead of all the remaining candidates.  Not bad, when my only endorsement was 
the Green party...

I'm Jonathan Mann and I approve this message!~)


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