> > > It is not like you are a successful politician.
> Why would anyone care about having your respect?

> > > I actually think this is a statement made in good
> > > faith. IMHO, you would grow if you were able to 
> > > understand the answer to that question. While self
> > > respect is critical, and one shouldn't put up a 
> > > false front to get respect, earning the respect of 
> > > those who have achieved less than you can be very
> > > beneficial. The reason why will be left as an
> >  >exercise for the student. :-) 
> > > Dan M. 
What I meant was I would respect JW's comments if he was a genius and didn't 
suffer fools,  but the reverse is the case.  If he knew what he was talking 
about and could address the point, rather than resorting to personal attack I 
would respect his opinion, instead of the opposite.
I don't run for office seeking respect. I'm seeking change and to have a voice 
an issues I want on the agenda.  Self respect isn't critical, nor is putting up 
a false front.  I wonder how this troll heard about this list and why he 

> JW, you really need to crawl out of your Mommy's basement
> and find something more rewarding to do that trying to lower
> others to your level of puerile provocation and personal
> attack.  By posting "Actually, no, that is not why I
> assume you are not successful" you're clearly evading
> responding to my questioning your comment why you assume I
> am not successful by phishing to get me to respond to your
> sarcasm, so you can deliver another cheap shot.  That
> is exactly what trolls do when they can't refute an argument
> or retort.  If you're not mature enough to participate
> in a rational dialog you should say nothing, or leave. 
> Why are you on this site, anyway.  you don't seem like
> a fan of David Brin? 
> As for making compromises to get elected it wouldn't make a
> difference in this case.  That is what Obama does, and
> he is much better than the alternative.  In this case,
> no one would believe I would change my spots, plus they
> would not support me anyway because they already have too
> many candidates who would sell out for real. There is no way
> I will EVER agree to revolving door conflict of interest
> cronyism, backscratching patronage, politics!
> My goals include getting the SMO airport closed, getting
> free WiFi with a link to a Virtual Town Hall on the city
> website, etc. I have made substantial progress in that
> direction.  Sometimes the best way to win is to
> lose.  That is what Japan did...
> Jon Mann   

> Close SMO?!  We don't need any more small airports
> closing - we've lost
> thousands already and no new ones are opening.  What's
> up with that?
> I've flown in and out of SMO many times...
> Nick

Here is something you may want to look into, Nick:
and that doesn't include all the near misses...

The area around SMO has become heavily populated since it was first built and 
the purpose has changed.  There are several schools which are constantly idling 
their engines while queuing up for take offs, circling, landing and taking off 
again.  There is constant noise pollution and toxic fumes, especially if you 
happen to live on the flight path.  Some of this could be addressed and 
resolved; by closing the flight schools, changing the fuel, limiting idling, 
etc.  The FAA wants to extend the runway for larger jets and that may turn out 
to be a bargaining chip to keep the airport open when the lease expires in 
2015. When I first started talking about closing SMO ten years ago, no one took 
me seriously.  The present council has been a pushover for the FAA, but that 
has changed now that they see how other small airports have been closed down to 
allow rapid development. As it is now, the city is in the red on SMO and the 
pier, but they both create well paid
 jobs for cronies. This airport doesn't really serve people who live here, but 
it provides a great alternative to wealthy residents(like Arnold 
Schwarzenegger) of nearby communities (Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Belair, 
Pacific Palisades, etc.) who don't want to deal with LAX.  Rather than turning 
that property over to developers, I advocated linking it up to nearby Clover 

> My question for the list is: if John comes across as a
> troll, why are
> people responding to him? By doing so, you give him exactly
> what he
> wants. By getting a rise out of others, he makes you dance
> to his
> tune. If you really think he has nothing worthwhile to add
> to the conversation, don't reply to his goads!
> Damon.

Excellent point, Damon, and I did that for a long time...

> ...he says, even though it's an indirect means of poking 
> the troll. 
>  --
> Warren


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