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> Our political leaders don't need solutions, they need fear. Once you
> control voters by fear, you can do literally everything.


> However, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, has studied physics.
> I'm wondering if she would be open to scientific solutions. Or if
> there political contrains which would prevent her from actually
> persuing solutions.
> - Klaus

That's a good idea.  Any thoughts on presenting this to someone who knows her?

"Dan Minette" <danmine...@att.net> wrote:

> With all due respect, Keith, I've been hearing arguments like this for 50
> years.

That's impressive hearing considering that the big, high efficiency
lasers that make this concept possible have been around for less than
5 years.

> One thing would help you establish credibility.  Can you point to a
> design of yours that is used worldwide on a massive scale in a major
> industry? No hard feelings, but it sounds like its even less likely than
> earth bound solar cells.

No.  Closest would be the log-antilog 4 quadrant multiplier I invented
in the early 70s while working for Burr-Brown.  In the heyday of
analog control these were use from tire balancing machines to the
control of thousand ton ball mills.

But I don't exactly see why you are appealing to authority.  The
physics behind this concept is either correct or it is not.  So far
the people who are qualified to express an opinion and have done so
all say I got the physics right.

It's not that bad.  If you can remember or relearn a few pages of high
school physics (the rocket equation and Newton's laws), you can be
qualified to express an opinion too.

In regard to  Kevin B. O'Brien's comments, the Chinese are far more
likely to build propulsion lasers and power sats than the US.  It's
possible they have already made the decision, see the recent
announcement about building power sats with the Indians.  They could
build power sats with their PV production and sell power or power sats
instead of panels.



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