John Barnes' Directive 51 went it one better - ALL petroleum and petroleum 
products. It did devolve into the question of whether it was a centrally 
organized conspiracy, preferably from abroad, or a spontaneous movement; in 
fact, the entire US splits over that question, thanks to a disagreement in the 
administration on whose watch it happens. There is a sequel; not sure there is 
a third. 

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Subject: Re: Power and civilization

I'm reading John Varley's Slow Apocalypse. The premise is that all un-processed 
petroleum is destroyed by an act of bio-terrorism. In the middle of it right 
now, but so far it's scaring the spit out of me.


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Twas in Last And First Men, by Olaf Stapledon, I think, where all future 
civilizations had their power based upon alcohol. Nothing stored from the past 
was left.
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  measure of a civilization could be said to be it's consumption of energy and 
  how it uses resources.  Conspicuous v. sustainable...  




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