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> > I'm reading John Varley's Slow Apocalypse. The premise is
> > that all un-processed petroleum is destroyed by an act of
> > bio-terrorism. In the middle of it right now, but so far
> > it's scaring the spit out of me.
> > john
> why?
I know intellectually that we live in a fragile civilization, but I suppose
that I haven't felt it emotionally. But seeing Sandy's effects on my city
(I live in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in Manhattan that thankfully
was spared the devastation in other neighborhoods of the city), makes me
begin to *feel* just how fragile things are. ConEd loses a substation and
suddenly 200k people don't have power. No power and there is no way to pump
water to floors in buildings. First responders are overwhelmed. A
neighborhood is destroyed by fire because there is no water pressure in the
hydrants to fight the fire.

So I suppose I'm in the *right* frame of mind to read Varley's book. Next
up is Barnes' Directive 51.



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