> > In fact, the other major sin of the Greens (in addition
> to being against nuclear power) <snip>
> That's their political agenda. When the CDU announced that
> the nuclear
> power plants in Germany will be shut down, the greens were
> not altogether sure if they really wanted that... ;-) 
> > is the opposition to genetically modified crops. I get
> > the fact that Monsanto is the poster child for evil
> greed, but there
> > really isn't any other way to feed the number of people
> we now have, let
> > alone will soon have, without those high-yield crops.
> Unfortunately, we already have surplus crop and other
> produce. In order
> to keep the price up, surplus is destroyed.
> Monsanto has proven that  genetically modified crop is
> dangerous. Yes,
> genetic modifications have a long history. Yup, "trial &
> error
> breeding". My problem with Monsanto is that they not only
> sell the
> crop, but also poison which kills every living thing (except
> their genetically modified crop). 
> - Klaus

> I know intellectually that we live in a fragile
> civilization, but I suppose
> that I haven't felt it emotionally. But seeing Sandy's
> effects on my city
> (I live in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in Manhattan
> that thankfully
> was spared the devastation in other neighborhoods of the
> city), makes me
> begin to *feel* just how fragile things are. ConEd loses a
> substation and
> suddenly 200k people don't have power. No power and there is
> no way to pump
> water to floors in buildings. First responders are
> overwhelmed. A
> neighborhood is destroyed by fire because there is no water
> pressure in the hydrants to fight the fire.
> So I suppose I'm in the *right* frame of mind to read
> Varley's book. Next up is Barnes' Directive 51.
> john garcia

Even though I am a devout neo-marxist revisionist I can still recognize that a 
lot of my leftist brethren are extremely dogmatic when it comes to being 
doctrinaire, although they often disagree violently on what is doctrine.  

I don't know if the same is true about Europe but here in Los Angeles the local 
Green Party county council is composed of a lot of seriously deranged people; 
it's embarrassing.  I'll go even further concede that the left as a whole is 
often overly rigid and sanctimonious on environmental issues such as nuclear, 
wind, and other alternative energy solutions.  

Where I really differ from my fellow leftists is over Israel, but that is 
another topic.


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