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How is that going to happen.  Are you arguing that the US will impose a
carbon tax that is so high that we will be paying more in carbon taxes than
fuel costs?  Given the fact that we've been unable to raise the gas tax in
decades, how will we impose a severe carbon tax.  A modest carbon tax will
benefit natural gas, because it will facilitate the switch from coal to
natural gas.  Nuclear power might benefit, but I'm guessing that real reform
of nuclear regulations will not be popular.  Taxes in the US are not
popular....even going back to the tax levels of the Clinton era is too much
for Obama to propose.
I am assuming that at some point we have enough "Sandy's" to tip the balance. That will come much later than it should have come, but I think it will come at some point. IF you don't think that will ever happen, just adjust your forecasts accordingly. BTW, carbon taxes are an economically efficient way of reducing emissions, which means that if you need to reduce emissions this does it with the least negative effect on the economy.


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