Dan Minette wrote:
> The poison you talk about is roundup.  And, yes, if I drank a bottle of it,
> I'd probably be sick.  But, I've used it on weeds.  Spray it on grass, and
> the grass dies, but spray it on weeds 3 inches from grass, and the small
> amount that gets on the grass doesn't hurt it.  If Roundup were that bad,
> wouldn't we see the effects on the laws of folks who use it, on the animal
> life in the area, etc?
That's not how slow poison works. People don't die for smoking a
cigarette, or for smoking 100 cigarettes a day for 30 years. But then
they die in the 31st year.

Alberto Monteiro

PS: is bringing "cigarettes" to the discussion like bringing Hitler?


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