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> The Chinese were extremely ham-handed about this.  In particular, 
> their stoppage of rare earth shipments in response to an incident 
> involving their extrodinary claims to ocean territory (basically any 
> territory claims of the Chinese over the last 1000 years are 
> considered valid and enforceable by the the Chinese government) 
> generated strong reaction.  Given the fact that consumers rightfully 
> believed that the Chinese were untrustworthy suppliers, as well as 
> expensive ones, it was reasonable for them to sacrifice a little 
> performance to switch to a more reliable and cheaper supply.  The Chinese
overplayed their hand, as they have overall the last year.
> They can probably drive Western companies out of the solar cell business.
> Their entire ecconomic model, with artifically low value on their 
> currency, and the disdaining of IP right of other countries, fits 
> this.  They may very well increase prices after becoming a near 
> monopoly, but the alternatives are oil and gas and coal and wind.  
> And, for certain remote applications, solar power actually works best.
> So, I'm guessing that it will not be the big win they see.  But, they 
> are caught at a GDP level where Huntington has pointed out that 
> totalitarian goverments begin to get pushed by the growing middle 
> class.  Their reaction is to clamp down harder....especially with the 
> new leadership, where all the leaders are both well filtered and the 
> result of nepotism.  It is a dangerous mixture.  Putting this together 
> with their demographic window of opportunity (the 1-child policy has a 
> big demographic bubble that will be old in 20 years), a surplus of 
> males, and one has a classic situation where countries become aggressive.
> We will be living in interesting times.
> Dan M.


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