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>At $10/watt, this is about 4 million.

>How badly do you want to see this demo?

> I don't expect to see it, ever.  But, that demo is an example of the very
easy baby steps that would have to be taken very early in the project.  The
fact that we don't have a demo of baby steps is a very good indicator of
where the project is.

Dan the idea that made the economics look good happened in _April_.

Took a couple of months to work out the consequences and fit the idea
into the economic model and get a reading that it cut the startup cost
from $140 B to about $60 B.  So the very existence of the concept as
perhaps economically viable is _3_ months old.  It has not been
vetted, though the basic physics of the $140 B version passed peer
review and should be published sometime in the next year.

Nobody is going to build a 400 KW laser in three months.  However,
there does exist a 105 kW CW laser and for testing you could use a
gyrotron mm wave generator that come up a MW or so.

I can make a case that the demo was done 2000 years ago.

Of course, if I had anything to do with such testing, you would not be
hearing from me.

The point is that it looks like there is a solution to the
energy/carbon/climate that will provide really cheap energy for as
long as the sun functions.

Will we do anything with it?  Probably not.  Will any other country, perhaps.


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