Solar and wind energy on Earth certainly are economically viable, far more than 
the costs and damages we'll have to pay for massive climate change. Fossil 
fuels are "cheap" right now only because the costs (military action, increased 
pollution and disease and medical costs, climate change, wildfires, crop 
losses) are paid for through circuitous routes, or are not being paid yet 
(read: borrowed/stolen from future generations), or the costs and damages are 
forced onto disenfranchised people in poor countries who have no recourse to 
the people making these decisions. We literally can't afford to keep paying for 
that crap.

Solar energy beamed down from outer space? I don't know anything about that.


> Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2013 17:40:15 -0300
> Subject: Re: For David Brin and the rest of you
> Even if these things were economically viable (which they probably
> ain't), ambientally it would be a disaster. I can't image the Earth
> getting such extra amount of radiant energy and not turning it (she?
> Gaia?) into a hell much worse than the most pessimistic images of the
> most radical ecogroups.
> Alberto Monteiro (oil company guy)
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